Budget-Friendly Nursery Tips

Homepolish was founded as an alternative to the high-priced, commission-based interior designer, making the experience simple, fun, and accessible to all. Charging a straightforward hourly rate (no hidden fees or mark-ups), Homepolish pairs you with professional designers who can make magic in your space on any budget.  See why weeLove them here!

So, you’ve been pinning like crazy images of gorgeous nurseries only to find out that the amazing, so-perfect-for-the-space, must-have item is way out of your budget. Fear not—you don’t have to blow your budget to achieve your dream nursery. Our friends at Homepolish have put together some great ways to create a beautiful nursery that looks like a million bucks (but didn’t cost it!).

Multi-purpose furniture: In order to save money and space in Danielle’s nursery, we chose a dresser that doubles as a changing table, simply by adding a changing pad on the top. After you’re out of the diaper-changing phase, remove the pad and you’ve still got a functional dresser that transitions easily from nursery to big-kid-room and beyond.

Homepolish Nursery

Frames: Stores such as Home Goods, Target and Ikea, are great resources for accessories, such as frames, pillows, lighting, etc… Recreate Danielle’s gallery wall by using frames from any of these stores. An inexpensive but adorable idea for nursery artwork can be easily created by framing illustrations from favorite books, such as Mother Goose.

Homepolish Nursery

Mobile: Etsy is a great resource for sourcing unique (or even custom!) items, such as a mobile. Whether it’s crib or ceiling mounted, they are perfect for entertaining your little one and can add a whimsical focal point for the room.

Homepolish nursery

Paint is one of the easiest ways to create a major change in a nursery. A striped accent wall, such as in Danielle’s nursery, is a great way to add extra dimension to a room without breaking the bank. And if you can’t (or don’t want to commit to) paint, a great alternative are peel-and-stick wall decals. They don’t damage the wall or paint, so when you want to remove them, you just peel them off and toss them away.

Rug: Having a soft rug underfoot is a great addition to a well-planned nursery. Save money on more expensive rugs by going to your local carpet store and have remnant carpet bound as an area rug. Replicate Danielle’s look by layering an inexpensive sheepskin rug, from Ikea, over your area rug.

Homepolish Nursery

Daybed: Danielle’s daybed from Ballard Designs is a great multi-purpose piece, with a trundle underneath for extra sleeping space. West Elm has a wide selection of daybeds, both upholstered and wood, that are less expensive alternatives.

Pillows: Mongolian pillows, from West Elm, added a softness and texture to Danielle’s upholstered daybed. A budget-friendly alternative can be found online at Sears. Their faux Mongolian pillow is just as soft but half the price.

Accessories can add a personalized touch to the nursery for little cost.  Choose pieces that serve a function as well, such as the tree bookcase or the alphabet basket in Danielle’s nursery, and mix them with collectibles, unique finds, or even plants.

Homepolish nurser

Lastly, think safety! This should be a primary concern while planning the nursery. Any furniture or decor that you choose should not pose any health-hazards to your little one.

Designer: Sara Touijer   Photographs: Homepolish

Ready to get started hunting for bargains? Homepolish has generously offered a 25% discount  on the initial consultation to weeSpring users; use code “weeSpring” before 9/1/2014.  And don’t worry if they aren’t in your zip code yet; Homepolish founder Noa Santos has shared some tips and tricks on our blog.  

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21 Responses

  1. Jessica says:


    This nursery looks great! I’m interested in where the crib is from?


  2. Felicia Andersen says:

    I would also LOVE to know where that beautiful crib is from! Please share!

    • Kindra says:

      I was also gawking at that gorgeous crib and it took me a while, but I found it! So to answer your question about the crib, it is a ducduc Austin Crib (ducducnyc.com). They have a lot of different color/wood options too. Enjoy!

  3. Kindra says:

    To the ladies who commented before me: I was also gawking at that gorgeous crib and it took me a while, but I found it! So to answer your question about the crib, it is a ducduc Austin Crib (ducducnyc.com). They have a lot of different color/wood options too. Enjoy!

  4. Ashley says:

    The crib and dresser are beautiful. Where are they from?

  5. Stevie says:

    I would LOVE to know where you bought this crib from as well 🙂

  6. Jenna Herron says:

    I’d like to make a third request for the crib whereabouts! 🙂

  7. Stephanie says:

    Agreed! Love the crib! The room is gorgeous overall. Where is it from?

  8. Arigs says:

    “Budget friendly nursery” is the title with a $2,000 crib in the photos… Sad.

    • Ally Downey says:

      Hi guys — we try our hardest to use images that are 100% in-line with the subject of a blog post, but we don’t always succeed. The images selected here were chosen to illustrate great art, If you’re looking for a budget-friendly crib, try this.

  9. Jmer says:

    Beautiful. But kind of ironic and disappointing that this is a blog on budget friendly nurseries but the crib shown is $1500.00!!! No wonder they didn’t talk about the crib.

  10. Lisa says:

    Yikes, budget friendly?? That crib is $1500!!

  11. Lizzie Hoffman says:

    Where did the goodnight wall sign come from?

  12. Zoey Messer says:

    Hi! Can someone please tell me where to find the crib mobile? I love it and I’m having such a hard time finding one that goes with our decor. Thanks!

    • Sarah Nau says:

      I believe the mobile was a custom design from Etsy (sorry!) but I imagine you might be able to find something similar there. Also, this mobile also uses a mobile arm (the wooden attachment extending from the crib) which might also help you to achieve a similar look. You can find a similar one here.

  13. Dana says:

    I just redid my friends nursery and it looks so good. I used wall decals from http://goo.gl/ty3U4v and it makes the nursery come alive.

  14. summer armstrong says:

    where can i get that rug?

  15. Paige says:

    Where is the area rug from? Thanks!

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