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MIT breast pump hackathon

Five Fixes for the Breast Pump: Our Re-Cap of the MIT Breast Pump Hackathon

Given the enormous (and well-deserved!) amount of press the MIT Breast Pump Hackathon*, you’ve probably already heard about the unlikely group that descended on the MIT Media Lab last weekend: breastfeeding moms (and supportive dads), media, manufacturers, designers, engineers, and PhDs.  They came together with a common – and clever...

Safe Fun in the Sun: Products to Keep Your Little One Protected

With summer now officially in full swing, many families find themselves exchanging their diaper bags for beach bags as they head to the beach or pool (or backyard, or splash-pad…). We know how important it is to slather ourselves in sunscreen, but what is considered “safe” for our little one’s...

A New Way to Boost Prenatal Nutrition

Bundle Organics, a new line of organic prenatal juices, are designed to address the unique nutritional needs of expecting and new moms. Co-founder Kwany Lui explains the essential vitamins that support baby’s healthy development.

Guest Blog: Winter Activities for Kids

  With the arrival of cold weather, we’ve been thinking a lot about what winter means for families trying to stay active. While our fitness videos for kids allow them to go on adventures that get them moving, learning, and having fun right in their living rooms, we don’t claim to have...