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weeLove: A “Novel” Idea

Beyond the Book LITOGRAPHS TRANSFORMS TEXT INTO ART Even though your little one probably prefers Boynton to Bronte, you can start a love of literature early with Litographs. From classic children’s books to contemporary reads, Litographs brings your favorite reads to life on posters, tote bags, and tees (kids’ sizes coming soon!)...


weeLove: Magnetic Mementos

From Filters to the Fridge STICKY9 BRINGS INSTAGRAM PHOTOS TO LIFE Like many moms and dads, we love Instagram (and hope you follow @weespring for plenty of #unfilteredparenting pics). But so many awesome photos sadly get forgotten after their five minutes of fame. Make the most of your favorite Instagrams...


Dedicated weeLove: “Baby Proof” Your Beauty Routine

Safe Products for Mom and Baby  NATURAL, ORGANIC BEAUTY FROM ANNA NATURALS As if you don’t already have enough to worry about when you’re pregnant… a quick scan of the labels on your beloved beauty products can prompt a major bathroom cabinet clean out. But great skincare doesn’t have to...


weeLove: Lights Out!

Rest Easy PORTABLE BLACKOUT BLINDS FOR BABY From hotels to grandma’s house, not all guest rooms have what it takes to set the scene for sleepy time. We’ve all faced our fair share of thin curtains or bright street lights that make your tot think it’s party time, not bedtime....

breastfeeding awareness month

Breastfeeding Products That Make Nursing Easier

To celebrate Breastfeeding Awareness month, we’re giving away all of the gear and goods you need to be a champion at pumping at the office. Click here to enter to win $1,500 in prizes! You’ve got the pump, the nursing pillow, and sterilized every bottle in sight.  You’ve researched nearby...


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The New Baby Carrier You Need to Know About 

Comfy Carrying BABY CARRIER WE FROM BABYBJORN A great baby carrier is a new-parent necessity. Think of all the things you can do with baby in tow when you’re hands free: cooking dinner (okay fine, ordering dinner), walking the dog, grocery shopping, riding the subway without the huge stroller… the...