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weeLove: Up Your Baby Photoshoot Game

  A Picture Perfect Nursery Crib Sheets from Rookie Humans You don’t have to do much to snag an Instagram-worthy photo of your baby snoozing. (Those cheeks! Those eyelashes! Need we say more?) But crib-time photoshoots just got even better, thanks to Rookie Humans. These super soft sheets do double...

weeLove: This Mat is Pure Magic

Need Some Good Vibes? TRY A TRANQUILO MAT There’s a reason so many baby products are designed to vibrate. The soothing motion calms crying babies and lulls them to sleep, just like the good old days in the womb. But you can’t exactly bring a bouncy seat wherever you go...

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5 Tips for Toddler Sleep Training

You know you’ve been there.  Your toddler is running out of his room, making demands, and you will do anything — really anything — to get him to go to sleep.  Another round of Old McDonald, Twinkle Twinkle while rubbing his back, one more book, one more iPad video… and...

From Crib to Big Kid Bed

One of the biggest milestones for your toddler (and you!) is when it’s time to move from the crib into a big kid bed. Read on for expert tips on making a smooth transition.