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Baby on Board


A great pram is one of the most important purchases you’ll make for your baby. So, naturally you want one that has it all: safety, comfort, and ease-of-use. The Orbit Baby G3 Infant Car Seat is all that, and then some…

There are tons of awesome features we love, but let’s start with the swivel. This car seat rotates, so you can load your baby into the car facing you, minimizing the not-in-the-mood-for-a-ride cranky factor. Not to mention, you won’t have to uncomfortably hunch over. Once baby’s securely buckled in, just spin her around into locked, rear-facing position. (This car seat is part of Orbit Baby’s integrated stroller system, so the swivel comes in handy when you’re out and about, too).

A car seat with decent coverage is hard to come by. But the G3’s large sunshade with a special “paparazzi shield” (yes, really), is a lifesaver for on-the-go naps. The soft carry handle helps you comfortably rest the car seat on your forearm when you’re lugging baby between places. And when it comes to safety, this deep-cradle seat provides maximum side-impact protection and is fully lined with energy-absorbent padding.

The world revolves around your baby (at least in your humble opinion). Thanks to the Orbit Baby G3 Infant Car Seat, they can swivel along with it!


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