2016 gift guide: For grandparents

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1. Framebridge

The adorable pictures of (or by!) the grandkids deserves a high quality, custom frame…at an affordable price. Enter: Framebridge. Simply share the image you want framed, preview it in a few different options (or get a rec from a designer), and in 2-3 days, your custom framed piece arrives, reading for hanging. Every frame is custom built in their Maryland or Kentucky studios and comes with a 100% happiness guarantee.




Not without salt cookie mixes, 2016 weeSpring holiday gift guide

2. Not without salt cookie mixes

There is nothing better than baking cookies and making memories with the grandparents! Using only the best ingredients, like three types of sugar, Maldon sea salt, and local, sustainable flour, these cookies are sure to please (and are easy to make–just add a stick of butter and an egg). As an added bonus, a portion of every purchase goes directly to First Aid Arts, an organization that brings the arts community together with at-risk youth and survivors of trauma.



Argaman + Defiance silk scarf, 2016 weeSpring holiday gift guide


3. Argaman + Defiance raw silk scarf

These 100% raw silk scarves make a beautiful, thoughtful gift for the holidays. Naturally dyed by hand in their Chicago studio, they only use natural dye extracts responsibly collected from tree bark, roots, and leaves, making each piece unique. We are loving the longer more traditional options for their simplicity, but have our eyes on the more modern infinity scarves, too!




Bright Cellars wine, 2016 weeSpring holiday gift guide


4. Bright Cellars

For the oenophiles in your life, Bright Cellars is no ordinary wine subscription service. Bright Cellars members are matched to wine based on an algorithm developed by its MIT-grad co-founders. Using answers to a few unique questions (think: do you prefer dark chocolate or snickers bars), wines specifically tailored to one’s preferences are delivered every month. And the more feedback one provides, the more customized the subscription becomes, making Bright Cellars is the first wine company to dynamically rate individual wines based on members actual preferences.




Instagram bracelet, 2016 weeSpring holiday gift guide

5. Instagram Bracelet

Every grandma loves pictures of her grandkids, and now she can have some of her favorite photos on display–on her wrist! The adorable Summer Love cuff bracelet features 7 pics (it works great with Instagram photos!) and is made right here in the US. Plus, $1 of every sale goes to a non-profit, like Feeding America or The Innocence Project.





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