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weeSpring best baby on board giveaway

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Orbit baby O2 Stroller and car seat combo
Orbit Baby O2 Stroller System with Car Seat

This stroller system has it all.  Not only is it small enough for everyday errands, it also is a state of the art jogger.  With a 2 position seat mode and shock-absorbing suspension, plus the ability to switch out the G3 infant seat with 3 other seats as baby grows, adds much needed versatility.  Each seat and stroller has Orbitbaby’s patented SmartHub™ base, which rotates 360° degrees, so you can load your baby into the car facing you (minimizing the not-in-the-mood-for-a-ride cranky factor). Plus, you won’t have to uncomfortably hunch over when loading him into the car.  Once baby’s securely buckled in, just spin her around into the locked, rear-facing position. The stroller is rugged and sleek at the same time, and this might be the easiest collapsing mechanism we’ve seen.

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Bivona Dulce Babi crib
Dolce Babi Crib

Elegant, solidly crafted, and with a proven safety record, this crib is one of the best around.  Everything has attention to detail, from the fluting and molding to the optional logo plate featuring your child’s name and date of birth!  It’s also JMPA certified and meets all ASTM and CPSC standards.  Best of all, the crib grows with the child; from baby, to toddler, and beyond.

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Minted nursery art and birth announcements
$400 Minted Gift Card

Minted’s design marketplace features the work of independent artists from around the globe, making it easy to find a truly one-of-a-kind style for your baby’s nursery. They also feature everything from birth announcements to gifts to party decor and have customizable options so you can create a piece as unique as your little one.

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Ergobaby carrier, swaddler, and nursing pillow weeSpring giveaway
Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier, Swaddler, & Nursing Pillow

A parent favorite for a soft structured carrier, the Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier is also one of the most versatile. It has 3 different carry positions, can be used up to 45 lbs, and is ergonomically designed to help support both your back and your child. The new Ergobaby Natural Curve nursing pillow has gotten rave reviews for its design to help position your baby in the best positions for nursing, all while helping to eliminate mom’s neck and back pain from slouching.  Also included is the Ergobaby Original Swaddler, a great tool for keeping your little one snoozing for longer and more soundly.  The innovative design makes it foolproof and simple – a must for 3am changings!

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Masala Baby weeSpring giveawayMasala Baby Welcoming Baby Set

What newborn giveaway would be complete without blankets, swaddles and loveys? From Masala Baby, everything you need to make your little one warm, cozy, and clean including a bib and burp set, double weave muslin washcloths, double weave muslin Nirvana blanket, Moksha reversible quilt, double weave muslin sleeping bag, diaper clutch, a quilted tote, double weave muslin swaddles, organic baby pajamas, a stuffed elephant, and a stuffed puppy.  Fabrics are exclusively sourced from India and made by local artisans from natural sources.

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Lullaby Earth Naturepedic crib mattress weespring giveaway
Lullaby Earth Crib Mattress

A crib mattress is probably the baby item that your child will spend the most time in, on or around (unless you co-sleep). If safety and chemicals are on your mind, Lullaby Earth is one of the best to put it at ease. All their mattresses pass all government flammability standards without chemicals or barriers and they feature a firm, flat surface with a snug fit to your crib. They also feature 360° degree air circulation and a food-grade, waterproof surface that breathes.

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4moms weeSpring giveaway
4moms mamaRoo Infant Chair & Breeze Playard

4moms products are sleek, modern, and built to last.  The mamaRoo is an infant seat that sways and moves exactly like you do when comforting your baby.  Choose from 5 unique motions that help soothe baby and play your little one’s favorite lullaby on the MP3 plugin. The Breeze playard is truly a “breeze” for busy parents on the go! It opens and closes in just one step and comes with a transport bag for traveling.

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7 am enfant weeSpring giveaway

7 A.M. Enfant Blanket212 Evolution, Large Voyage Bag, and $200 gift card

Just in time for winter, 7 A.M. Enfant brings you high quality wear for your little one to keep those tootsies warm.  The Blanket212 Evolution is the ultimate baby bunting; it goes from newborn to preschool with zippered extensions and even unfolds into a large blanket.  The Voyage bag has a unique door system that unfolds to make searching for items a breeze and is soft-sided so stores easily.  Choose from other beautiful baby gear with another $200 gift card!

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Mimo smart baby monitor weeSpring giveaway
Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

Have no idea why your baby keeps waking up or curious to see what quality of sleep they are getting?  This baby monitor is for you!  Mimo monitors are a unique state of the art system that monitor your little one’s sleep and movements through a sensor on a special onesie.  That signal then goes back to the app on your smartphone, letting you hear them, as well as see their temperature, breathing, body position, and sleep activity.  Get some rest mama, your baby is!

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Crane humidifiers weeSpring giveaway

Crane grey drop humidifier, Adorable Unicorn humidifier, Frog belly glo, and travel humidifier

A favorite among parents on weeSpring, Crane humidifiers are known for their efficiency yet have a tasteful aesthetic to your home. They feature cool mist, which increases air moisture without steaming up the room and are perfect for when your little one is congested from a flu or cold (we believe in them so strongly we sell them in our Sick Baby Survival Kit). In addition to the modern grey drop and Adorable Unicorn humidifier, you will receive a travel humidifier for on the go and the cute and fun Frog Belly Glo nightlight (runs on an 8 hour charge so no cord!).

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Naturepedic changing pad weeSpring giveaway
Naturepedic Organic Cotton Changing Pad

Naturepedic has always been known for their safe, non-toxic materials for baby, which is why they are highly rated on weeSpring. Made with luxurious organic cotton fabric with a clear food-grade waterproof coating, this changing pad is also contoured for rolling and squirming babies as they get older. It also features snap screws to secure the pad to a dresser or changing table and is allergen friendly and easy-to-clean.

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The Best Baby on Board Giveaway




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