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Stroller and Two Wraps


Ergobaby On-the-Go Bundle

Ergobaby is a parent favorite on weeSpring and with good reason. Their thoughtfully designed carriers, strollers, and accessories are easy to use, comfortable for parents and baby, and made to last. You’ll win their brand new Metro stroller, a compact, lightweight stroller that doesn’t skimp on features, an Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh carrier (perfect for the warmer summer months!), as well as their super soft and easy-to-use Aura baby wrap.

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Baby Playing with Monti Kids Montessori toy
A Montessori Education, Delivered to your Door

Did you know that 85% of your child’s brain is formed by age three? Yep, there’s a lot of exciting stuff happening in that cute little noggin. Thanks to Monti Kids, you can guide your baby or toddler’s development with the the tools—and the toys—to kickstart early learning, delivered right to your door. You’ll win a 3-month subscription, which includes short informational videos and guides to help you use the toys with your kiddo, as well as access to a private community moderated by Montessori experts who will offer personalized support.

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Woman Puts a Cover on a Crib Mattress
Safe sleep from Naturepedic & Lullaby Earth

When we were first shopping for a mattress pre-baby, we wondered, “Why does a mattress need to be organic? It’s not like our baby is going to EAT it.” We hadn’t considered that they’d be breathing off-gassed chemicals for 12+ hours a day. Naturepedic’s organic, breathable 2-stage mattress is safe, cool and waterproof, so it’s not only safe, but also protects the mattress from all sorts of spills.

Also included is Lullaby Earth’s Breeze Air Breathable 2-stage crib mattress, so you can have multiple safe sleep spaces (maybe keep one at grandma’s?)

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A Pregnant Woman Wearing a Belly Bandit
Feel (and look!) your Best with Belly Bandit

We (and others around the world) have lots of love for companies that help to nurture and care for mamas during and after their pregnancy. Created by three sisters, Belly Bandit, was founded upon “empathy, ingenuity, and one ill-timed remark by a well-meaning dimwit.” From leggings to nursing tanks to belly wraps, Belly Bandit will have you feeling (and looking) your best. You’ll win a $250 gift card to pick out your favorite items.

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 Newborn BabyJudgement-free Childbirth Classes from The Birth Hour

The months leading up to childbirth are an important time to prep for the big day and beyond. Luckily, there’s no need to spend your precious time in a dreaded hospital birthing class—you can learn everything you need to know from the couch instead. You’ll win lifetime access to Know Your Options, a comprehensive online, evidence-based childbirth course from The Birth Hour, helping expecting parents through pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and newborn care.

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Baby Uses a TeetherFeeding and Teething Bundle from MAM

For over 40 years, the fine folks at MAM have been creating unique baby products that support your little one’s development and make it easier for you as parents—both because their products just work really well and because you can feel good about using them since they were created with input from experts in medicine, research, and technology. Win, win! Your prize is a $200 bundle of assorted feeding and teething gear to best meet your little one’s needs.

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 3 Sprouts Toy BoxesNursery Decor and Organization from 3 Sprouts

We love products that do double duty—especially when they make organization so simple and cute! 3 Sprouts products are a weeSpring favorite for helping keep all those books and toys tucked away in adorable (and super sturdy) storage options. (We’re so excited to see their new eco-friendly snack and lunching line!) They definitely make “storing unboring!” You’ll win a $200 gift card to pick out your favorite nursery and on-the-go organizational items.

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 Woman with Baby in StrollerCar seat Peace of Mind from the Tot Squad

There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than wondering if you’ve installed your first car seat correctly (or when you learn that one of your kiddos gets car sick). Tot Squad comes to the rescue day in and day out by providing the care, cleaning, safety, and installation of your baby gear—either at a local store, at your home, or even virtually! Their expertly trained technicians are well-versed in all aspects of care and installation—saving your day with a smile. You’ll win four car seat installations—great for multiple cars (or multiple caregivers).

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 Mom Feeds Daughter in Cybex High ChairThe Best Seat in the House from Cybex

Cybex has long been a parent-favorite for safety and innovation in Europe, so when they announced they were launching a 4-in-1 one chair, we knew we were in for a treat. Good from birth to age 99 (and probably beyond!), the LEMO chair grows seamlessly with your child. You’ll win the super sleek LEMO chair as well as the LEMO bouncer, which can be used as a stand-alone bouncer, or with the LEMO chair (so your newborn can have a seat at the table too).

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Baby Announcement

Gorgeous Birth Announcements & Nursery Art from Minted

Minted’s design marketplace features the work of independent artists from around the globe, making it easy to find a truly one-of-a-kind style for you. A favorite of weeSpring parents, it’s also a one-stop shop for home decor, stationary, invitations and announcements, as well as elegant party decor. Whether the living room needs a touch-up or you’re decorating a nursery, Minted has beautiful pieces that are almost as unique as your little one. As our winner, you’ll receive a $500 gift card to shop Minted’s design marketplace.

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  Best of Baby Giveaway 2019

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