Fourth Annual Giving Thanks Giveaway


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Tea Collection wants every child to be a good global citizen and their adorable clothes are designed and manufactured with just that in mind. In addition to their products being ethically produced (workers paid fairly and treated well), every single purchase from Tea gives back to the Global Fund for Children, helping children from around the world maintain dignity in marginalized communities.

You’ll win a $500 gift card to nab whatever unique and adorable clothing you need for your little one.

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When we were first shopping for a mattress pre-baby, we wondered, “Why does a mattress need to be organic? It’s not like our baby is going to EAT it.” We hadn’t considered that they’d be breathing off-gassed chemicals for 12+ hours a day. Naturepedic’s mission is to improve lives through healthier sleep, as well as improving the environment through sustainability and stewardship.

In this bundle from Naturepedic, you’ll take home their organic, breathable 2-stage mattress, organic cotton changing pad, ultra-breathable crib mattress pad, and organic waterproof pad.

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From the moment your baby is born, their bums are almost always covered by a diaper (upwards of 10 a day!). And with all the irritants that can be found in diapers and wipes, it’s hard to find one that is eco-friendly yet will contain the inevitable blowout. Dyper diapers are made from responsibly sourced, renewable bamboo, that can be safely composted. And, for every month a person subscribes, they purchase carbon offsets to help reforestation efforts.

You’ll win a three month diaper and wipes subscription and one of their diaper bag backpacks.

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OXO Tot is known for its innovative products that help to make everyday tasks easier—a must for parents everywhere, so it should come as no surprise that their philanthropic commitments are kid-related. Through their partnership with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, OXO donates time, energy, and funds every year to this worthy cause.

You’ll take home a bath time bundle, including their brand new collapsible bath tub, bath toy bin, diaper caddy, and training potty chair.

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Smitten boxes provide a safe and comfortable sleep space for babies that are eco-friendly and re-purposable. Plus, they are designed by a leading infant-injury prevention specialist. Made in the USA, Pip & Grow partners with environmentally responsible manufacturers that are committed to providing their employees with a living wage and health insurance. They support all families through  community organizations to provide Sleep Systems for those in need.

You’ll win their new Narwhal print Smitten, an in-bed sleeper, and an extra set of sheets. Pip will also donate a Smitten to family in need in honor of the winner.

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Coming to consumers for the first time, BEB Organics is a premium, all-natural skincare line that formerly was only available in hospitals and birthing centers. Their partners align with their core values: fair wages, fair trade, and sourcing organic, natural, safe and cruelty-free materials.

BEB also donates 2% of all revenue year round, and creates special, limited edition collections like the Blue Dot Charity Set, where they donate half of every dollar spent to help the more than 50% of moms who suffer postpartum depression or post-traumatic stress disorder after a NICU experience.

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Made for moms by moms, Copper Pearl makes adorable, stylish, and practical accessories for you and baby. From bandana bibs to 5-in1- multi-use covers to blankets and more, these thoughtfully designed pieces are made with only the highest quality ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re putting on, or next to, you and your baby.

With a wide selection of cute and trendy designs available, it’s certain you’ll find more than a few things to round out your nursery needs with a $175 gift card.

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Tommee Tippee has been making products for your little one that support their well-being (and help you parent easier) for over 50 years. They also work with organizations around the world to help kids sleep more safely, connect with users to learn about what charities mean the most to them (so they can work with them too), and even bring back old products to help support families who still need access to them.

You’ll take a big bundle of bedtime essentials, including wearable blankets, swaddles, sound machine buddies, and more.


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Minted’s design marketplace features the work of independent artists from around the globe, making it easy to find a truly one-of-a-kind style for you. A favorite of weeSpring parents, it’s also a one-stop shop for home decor, stationary, invitations and announcements, as well as elegant party decor. Whether the living room needs a touch-up or you’re decorating a nursery, Minted has beautiful pieces that are almost as unique as your little one. As our winner, you’ll receive a $500 gift card to shop Minted’s design marketplace.

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Fourth Annual Giving Thanks Giveaway

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