Introducing… weeSpring.

When weeSpring (beta) launches this winter, about nine months will have passed since we started building a platform to simplify how new and expecting parents choose baby gear.   Nine months!  That can’t be a coincidence.

That kind of thinking—everything in terms of babies and pregnancy and parenting—is a big part of why weeSpring exists.  From the barrage of advertising to the advice from strangers, it is:


And the stuff baby needs.  And how to figure out what exactly baby does need.

As expecting parents, we read 87 conflicting reviews about one particular car seat.  We read the blogs (yes, this is a blog, and we see the irony), and the books, and we downloaded the checklists from all of the retailers.

But at the end of the day, all we cared about was what our friends had already figured out.   Not “experts,” not salespeople, not anonymous internet raters.  Just our friends. 

So that’s what weeSpring is: advice from your friends on essential baby products.  

While we’re putting the finishing touches on it, sign up as a beta user at or send us some feedback (we love feedback).

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