O Christmas Tree

‘Twas ten days before Christmas, and all through the house… there were pine needles.

Literally, all through the house.  Pine needles in our bed, pine needles in the bathtub, pine needles in our toddler’s scrambled eggs.

We’d been particularly ambitious with our Christmas tree this year: we drove way out on Long Island to chop one down ourselves on December 1, reasoning it wasn’t too early because we’d need to take it down pre-Christmas, as we were heading out of town for two weeks.

christmas tree

Happy family, out at Mike’s Christmas Tree Farm on Long Island.

We woke up this weekend to a pile of ornaments on the floor, because our tree had shed so many needles there was nothing left on the branches to hold them on.  And when we started taking the remaining ornaments down so they wouldn’t break, the rest of the needles fell off.  It was so bizarre we took a little video of it.

We filled a Whole Foods grocery bag with the needles.


And so, we gave up on our sad, naked Christmas tree, on December 15 and made one out of tissue paper.


Merry Christmas!


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