About the weeSpring Parent Panel

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What is the weeSpring Parent Panel?

Our Parent Panel is comprised of weeSpring parents just like you, who test out new and pre-release products and share their feedback with brands.  They also post their honest, unfiltered opinions in online reviews.  (Trust us, our people are picky, so if you see a review from a Parent Panel member, you can be sure she evaluated the product carefully and thoughtfully.)

We send Parent Panel members a product free-of-charge to test, and they’re able to keep that product after they’ve tried it.

You may see weeSpring Parent Panel reviews across the web or on weeSpring.com, and the reviewer will indicate she was part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.

How can I join?

The weeSpring Parent Panel is invitation-only.  Our Parent Panel members were selected based on the quality and thoroughness of their contributions to weeSpring.com.  Once someone is part of the Parent Panel, they’ll start receiving opportunities to test products based on the information they’ve shared with us.  (For instance, we might be looking for a pool of parents who have a child under age one and love their carseat.)

No, really.  How can I get invited? 

It’s pretty simple: be especially helpful on weeSpring.  Once you’ve contributed a lot of thoughtful reviews, we’ll find you.

Where does weeSpring get the products being reviewed?

Products are provided through an agreement with the brand or its manufacturer/vendor.

Are Parent Panel members paid to write reviews or encouraged to write positive reviews?

No.  And again, with more emphasis: no.  weeSpring does not pay members for reviewing, and we do certainly do not encourage only positive reviews.  As far as we’re concerned, the only “good” review is a helpful review.  Honesty and trust are our core values, so if you hated something, we want to know it — and we want to be able to tell the brand why, so they can get better at what they do.

If they aren’t paid, why would someone participate?

For the same reason they started writing reviews on weeSpring: they want to help other parents.  Many Parent Panel members have also told us that they like being able to share their feedback directly with a brand that’s eager to hear their opinion.  And as a thank you for their feedback, Parent Panel members are allowed to keep the product that they were sent for testing.

If a Parent Panel member writes a negative review, will it impact their selection in future review opportunities?

Definitely not.  There are only two things that would impact someone’s standing on the Parent Panel: failure to provide feedback and/or failure to self-identify as a Parent Panel member in reviews.

I’m a Parent Panel member! How should I identify myself in reviews?

This is important!  The Federal Trade Commission requires that product testing program participants disclose they received complimentary products for testing purposes.  You always need to disclose that you received a product via the Parent Panel; if you don’t, you won’t be able to continue in the program.  

You’ll receive specific instructions when you receive your package, but in general, in online reviews, be sure to incorporate a statement like, “I received this product as a gift as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.”  On social media, please tag us and #weeSpringParentPanel.

Do Parent Panel members receive products before they are released?

Yes, sometimes a product is enrolled in our program before it is released to the general public.

Can a participating brand contact or influence Parent Panel members?

No. The Parent Panel is overseen by weeSpring and customer service is provided by weeSpring. Brands and their manufacturers do not have influence on members.