Spring Baby Shower Giveaway

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Spring Baby Shower Giveaway


Skip Hop high chair, activity gym, diaper bag seat in Feather, weeSpring giveawaySkip Hop diaper bag set, high chair, and activity gym

When a diaper bag style has been around since 2003, you know there is something to the design. Skip Hop’s beautifully designed Duo diaper bag set has everything you need to keep yourself and baby organized while on the go, including a pacifier keeper, a bottle bag, a wet/dry bag, and a pronto changing station.

Also included is their brand new Tuo convertible high chair which changes from feeding station to toddler chair with ease, as well as their 3-in-1 activity gym, which switches from a sit-and-bounce seat to a play table. Flexibility for the win!

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Austlen Entourage stroller, weeSpring giveaway Austlen Entourage stroller

After having a baby, an outing can seem so much more daunting than before. Who knew that such a tiny human required so much stuff when out and about?

The folks at Austlen are determined to not let parents be discouraged from venturing out. Their Entourage stroller has more storage than you’ll probably know what to do with. Its expandable frame means it can go from a grocery shopping cart to double stroller to suitcase hauler, and back with ease. Add in fashionable fabrics with rugged durability and you have an A+ stroller that will last for years, and kids, to come.

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DaVinci Poppy Regency crib and changer dresser, weeSpring giveaway

DaVinci Poppy Regency crib and changer dresser

Made from sustainable pine wood and being GREENGUARD Gold Certified is just the beginning of why we love this stylish 3-in-1 crib and changer dresser. Its simple yet sleek and unique look brings a touch of sophistication to your baby’s nursery. We also love that the crib easily transitions to a toddler bed and that the changer top on the dresser removes as well. Oh, and did we mention this brand also manages to do all of that, and keep the price affordable as well? Checkmate.

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Naturepedic organic crib mattress and changing pad, weeSpring giveaway

Naturepedic crib mattress and changing pad

We’ll admit a little naiveté about mattresses: when we were shopping for one pre-baby, we wondered, “Why does a mattress need to be organic? It’s not like our baby is going to EAT it.” We hadn’t considered that he’d be breathing chemicals that were off-gassing from it…. for 12+ hours a day. Naturepedic’s all-cotton organic 2-stage mattress is safe, cool and breathable, and has a patented waterproof surface which protects the interior from all sorts of spills.

Also included is their changing pad which is made from non-toxic materials, secures to the dresser with screws, and has reinforced sides that don’t squish easily when baby decides to stand.

Find out more about Naturepedic.



$500 gift card to Finn + Emma baby clothing, weeSpring giveaway $500 gift card to Finn + Emma

When style and comfort meets sustainability and eco-friendly, you have the organic baby clothing line from Finn + Emma. We’ve heard moms rave about their buttery soft organic cotton fabrics, as well as the fact that they use eco-friendly dyes and inks. We also love their super cute and modern designs and their modern thinking too: all of their garments and accessories are produced in fair trade settings that focus on social and economic independence. What’s not to love?

Find out more about Finn + Emma.




$400 gift card to Bebe au Lait, weeSpring giveaway $400 gift card to Bebe au Lait

With a variety of items and styles to choose from, Bebe au Lait has been a favorite of ours for years. From their super soft and delicate muslin blankets, swaddles, and sheets to their beautiful nursing covers, pillows, and car seat covers, the brand runs the gamut on products they offer to help you and your baby feel comfortable and stylish.

We also love how some of their products grow with your child, such as their adorable muslin snuggle blanket which is big enough to transition to your toddler’s favorite blanket, and their wet/dry bags which can be used for trips to the pool as well!

Find out more about Bebe au Lait.



Tula baby carrier, blanket set, and infant insert, weeSpring giveawayA Tula baby carrier, infant insert, and blanket set

As any mom or dad who babywears will tell you, comfort is a key component to sticking with it. Though there are many carriers and types on the market, we love the simplicity and hip styles of Tula.

All of Tula’s baby and toddler carriers are ergonomic and easy to use. They also include those nice extras, like a removable hood to protect baby from the elements and a front pocket on the hip belt for a key or paci. We also love that they are handmade from 100% OEKO-TEC Standard 100 certified canvas and are machine-washable.

Also included is their luxuriously soft and light blanket set made from breathable bamboo. These oversized baby blankets are perfect for cuddling or as an impromptu play mat.

Find out more about Tula.



DockATot baby lounger, weeSpring giveaway $500 gift card to DockATot™

Because we all know how much a comfy and snug environment can make a difference for your baby, we think that the DockATot is pure genius! Made from the highest quality materials and with a sharp eye on design and standards, the DockATot baby lounger is the ultimate docking station for your baby. It is lightweight and portable and made in Europe with luxuriously soft fabric and filling that has non-toxic properties. In addition, they are breathable, so you don’t have to worry about your little one getting overheated.

Find out more about DockATot.




minted gift card for birth announcements, baby shower, weeSpring giveaway $400 minted gift card for baby and kids stationary

A lot of us love unique gifts and try to support real artists (not mass-produced art) as much as we can. However, sometimes these pieces can be difficult to find without running all over. Enter minted. minted is a great way to get one-of-a-kind birth announcements, baby shower invites, and thank you notes in one place. Each piece is unique as minted employs independent artists (including a fair amount of stay-at-home moms) in 48 states and 43 countries for their beautiful pieces.

Included in this giveaway is a $400 gift card code for their beautiful birth announcements, baby shower invites, and milestone events.

Find out more about minted.



Earth Mama Angel Baby soaps, lotion, baby shampoo, oil, bottom balm, tote, weeSpring giveaway Herbal baby care products from Earth Mama®

All-natural baby soaps and lotions seem to be prevalent in today’s market, but not a lot are out there with the backing of third party certification! Earth Mama Angel Baby was founded by a mama who is a nurse and herbalist, and believes in the power of plant-based healing, as well as evidence-based research. They sell a variety of products from prenatal, postnatal, and breastfeeding, as well as products to help mothers who have suffered a loss.

Included in this giveaway is a tote, shampoo of choice, 6 baby soaps of your choice, 2 bottom balms, 4 lotions of your choice, and 3 bottles of baby oil.

Find out more about Earth Mama Angel Baby.




Owlet smart baby monitor sock, weeSpring giveaway Owlet baby monitor

New parents often report that infants sleep so sound they can hardly tell if they are breathing…which leads to a lot of fear…which leads to waking up unnecessarily and checking on your little one’s breathing.  That’s why we love Owlet.  Harnessing the same technology that the hospital uses for monitoring your newborn, Owlet uses a fitted sock to keep tabs on their breathing and heart rate. Because you need all the sleep you can get…

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Motherly birth class, declutter class, and baby photography class, weeSpring giveaway Online birth, declutter, and baby photography classes

Want to take a birth class but are afraid of feeling judged? Maybe you’d love to know a bit more about decluttering your home before the big life change that is about to happen. Or maybe you’re interested in learning how to take gorgeous pictures of your baby, but just don’t have the energy to take a shower and get out of the house.

Whatever your reason, Motherly has your back. The inspiring site about everything mama is starting to offer online video classes that you can watch and learn on your own time, and are written and filmed by real moms as well as experts. So grab a cup of coffee and put the kiddo down for a nap. It’s you time!

Find out more about Motherly.





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