Our Story

Our Story

Ally and Jack Downey

The first time I walked into a Babies R Us, I burst into tears. I looked up at a ten-foot wall of baby bottles and saw – in all of those options – a metaphor for how completely unprepared I was for the hundreds (thousands!) of choices I’d have to make for my baby

So when I got home, I started sending emails: what kind of car seat do you have? What diapers do you use? Do I need to be able to collapse an umbrella stroller with one hand? Should I get a high chair with a tray?

And over the weeks, as my inbox flooded with advice from my in-the-trenches friends, I started to feel a little less overwhelmed… and a little bit more ready. By the time my baby arrived, I’d become one of the ones sending the instructive emails (Get Triple Paste in the tub, not the tube! Bounce a fussy baby on a yoga ball!).

We founded weeSpring because we wanted new and expecting parents to have a simple, accessible resource where they can find out what helped them survive the early months, and then pass on their own tried-and-true advice.

We also realize that while there’s no shortage of people telling you what you should buy, it’s your friends who will tell you what you shouldn’t. Being a new parent is expensive enough, without buying things you don’t need or that don’t work.

We hope you’ll love using weeSpring as much as we’ve loved creating it – and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Drop me a line anytime!

Allyson Downey