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You can see a hand placing an UpSpring Milkflow Lactation Coffee Pod into a Keurig-style coffee machine. The machine is on a white counter, and a box of Milkflow Lactation Coffee Pods is laying nearby.

weeLove: When your morning coffee does double duty—Dedicated

Milkflow Lactation Coffee Pods Coffee Pods to Boost Milk Supply Moms are all about multi-tasking (just ask anyone who can fold laundry, while doing an Amazon Prime order, while playing peek-a-boo with the baby.) Luckily, here’s a way to get multiple things done at once, with a lot less juggling… UpSpring...

Best Ways to Boost Milk Production

Breastfeeding and worried your supply is dwindling? Get tips for boosting milk production from Lactation Consultant, Wendy Wright of the 16 Minute Club and CEO, Kim Roman of Anna Naturals.