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Good Clean Fun 


there’s a lot not to love: it’s messy, dusty, and makes that cringe-worthy scratching sound (eeeek). Not anymore…

Jaq Jaq Bird ButterStix Zero Dust Chalk glide smoothly like a crayon and don’t leave the dusty residue of traditional chalk. Not limited to chalkboards, you can scribble on a variety of non-porous surfaces like walls, counters, windows, mirrors, and more. (Yep, this will be the only time you’ll actually tell your child it’s okay to color on the walls.) Non-toxic and food safe, they can decorate dishes, glasses, mugs, even the table. Parents also love getting in on the action—we’ve seen them used for festive party decor and wine glass labeling. The best part? Clean-up is simple… just “erase” with a damp cloth.

Their 12-pack is the perfect stocking stuffer and indoor winter activity. So go ahead and let creativity flow, not dust.

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