weeLove: Your Kid’s Art Managed Beautifully

There’s a better way to save that macaroni necklace…

Plum Print

From first scribbles to elaborate dioramas, it can be hard to part with our little one’s creations. (That cat/robot/paintblob is just too cute to toss!) But once drawers become glittery, googly-eyed disasters, it’s time for a better way to save—and actually enjoy!—your mini Matisse’s work. 

Preserve all of your kiddo’s art, awards, photos, letters, and more in a beautifully designed book from Plum Print. In just three simple steps, you can transform all the things into one thing you’ll cherish forever. Simply gather up your memories and place them in their prepaid shipping kit. Then, expert designers will digitize the contents and craft a book for you to approve online. You can even opt to have them, ahem, dispose of the artwork for you once digitized, or you can have them return the originals to you.

Set your new favorite coffee table book out for everyone to enjoy—no more glitter explosions or disorganized bins. From kid artwork to family recipe books to even all those sports trophies, the options for sharing special memories are endless.

Ready to clear out the clutter and create an awesome keepsake? Plum Print = multitasking at its most beautiful. 

Let’s make an art book! Use code weespring for $25 off your order. 

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