weeSpring Local FAQs

We want to be your go-to for local advice, and we’ve drafted a few rules of the road to help ensure it’s a constructive, valuable community for everyone.

  1. weeSpring Local is an ad-free platform. We’re a support community, not a marketing venue.  (Please respect that.)

    • If you’re part of a company that provides products or services for parents, tell us! But do it in the context of an introduction to you. And just once, please.

    • If you’re a total pro at this parenting thing (and we mean literally… like, you do this as your job), share your expertise!  Just be transparent about your affiliation.

    • You want to give free stuff to your fellow weeSpring Local members? Awesome.  Please just run it by us first by emailing local@weespring.com, so we can fit it in with our schedule (because we’ll occasionally be bringing offers to the group).

  2. weeSpring Local is an invitation-only, moderated email group.  If we had a hashtag, it would be #nojudgement.

    • We expect that everyone will be mutually respectful, since you’ve all been invited in by someone who likes you.  But we’ll step in if things get too judgey.

    • We also will remove comments we deem offensive, and if necessary, we’ll boot members.

  3. Looking for product recommendations? There’s an app for that! (It’s weeSpring.com.)

    • We’re working on an easy way for you to follow parents from your weeSpring Local group; if it’s something you’re really excited about, email local@weespring.com.

  4. Be yourself! And tell us about you… introduce yourself to the group, and include your kids’ ages/names in your signature.

  5. Speak up about what you want this group to be: we really care about what you care about.

Since weeSpring Local is currently in beta, we’re relying on Google Groups as the tech backbone, so we’re somewhat limited in our tech capabilities for now.

Too many emails for you? You can change to a daily digest from groups.google.com — or you can set up a filter from your own Gmail (instructions to come). If you have any trouble with either, email local@weespring.com.

We’ll also be posting a few Gmail hacks soon.

We’ll be adding to these over time, so please send any feedback (or additions) to alix@weespring.com.