Work. Pump. Repeat. Breastfeeding Giveaway

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Work. Pump. Repeat., Juno Blu, Bamboobies, Medela, The Dairy Fairy, Kiinde, Justin's, Cloak Collection, Yummari, Upspring, Pregnant Chicken


Bamboobies nursing pads, nursing shawl, and nipple balm breastfeeding giveaway
Bamboobies Nursing Pads, Nursing Shawl, and Nipple Balm

It’s really difficult to find a good washable nursing pad that doesn’t leak or a stylish nursing cover that doesn’t look like an apron. Bamboobies has both and a whole lot more.  Both the pads and their shawl are made with supersoft bamboo and their nipple balm is 100% organic and safe for baby to ingest.

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Work. Pump. Repeat. book cover breastfeeding giveaway
A Signed Copy of Work. Pump. Repeat.

Oh baby! This book is a survival guide to breastfeeding and pumping while working outside the home. Touted as “an anti-judgement, pro-sanity antidote to the Breastfeeding Wars”, Jessica Shortall’s witty and realistic tips and tricks to help new moms adjust to their new life is a nice, big breath of fresh air. Because in a realm filled with do’s and do not’s, we need to know that we aren’t the only ones realizing we have dried breast milk on our pants halfway into the workday.

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Cloak Collection nursing wear breastfeeding giveaway
$250 Cloak Collection Gift Card

Gone are the days of same old, same old breastfeeding shirts and ugly nursing gowns. Say hello to beautiful, chic, contemporary dresses for nursing mothers. These flattering (and comfy) dresses are great for work or home, date night or running errands and are designed for moms to easily and discreetly feed their babies. Because we can all use a way to feel like our old self in our new forms.

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Juno blu breast pump bag breastfeeding giveaway
Juno Blu Breast Pump/Diaper Bag

Most breast pumps are fairly good size and carrying them, the diaper bag, your purse, AND your little one can be pretty cumbersome. That’s probably why weeSpring users love the blend of functionality and style that comes with Juno Blu’s gorgeous breast pump bags. They are made with vegan leatherette that is resistant to wear, spills, and stains and have plenty of room for your keys, phone, diapers, and whatever else you need. A win for moms without three hands!

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Justin's nut butters and peanut butter cups
Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups and Nut Butter Squeeze Packs

Hard-working mamas deserve a treat, or two, or okay, maybe three month’s worth. And what better treat than chocolate and peanut butter? We have partnered up with Justin’s to bring you a three month supply of their famous organic chocolate peanut butter cups! And when you get sick of the chocolate (or run out, more likely), we have 60 of their easy-open peanut butter squeeze packs. Yum!

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Kiinde system weeSpring breastfeeding giveaway
Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Kit

Convenience is a huge plus for all of us, moms and dads. The crew at Kiinde understand this and developed a breastfeeding system that is simple, convenient, and a game changer. It’s a universal (works with ANY) direct-pump way to get your breastmilk from you, to the storage bags, to the freezer. When you’re ready to use them, simply put them in the bottle case and throw them in the warmer. No pouring. No spilling. No wasting.

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Medela pump weeSpring breastfeeding giveaway
Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

Medela is far and away the favorite breast pump brand on the market today. A quick look at our weeSpring breast pump reviews page proves it; they have the milk-making thing down pat. A huge plus about the Freestyle is it has a clip-on battery pack, meaning you can take your pump anywhere on the go (one mom even claimed to pump while doing dishes)! The convenience factor makes it a great pick for working moms everywhere.

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The Dairy Fairy breastfeeding, nursing, and pumping bras, weeSpring breastfeeding giveaway

The Dairy Fairy Nursing & Pumping Bras

We all love to be hands-free while pumping; indeed it can give us a well-needed break in the day. But a lot of women complain about the lack of cute nursing bras, and cute pumping bras are pretty much an anomaly. We give you both! The Dairy Fairy’s adorable and multi-functional bras allow you to do it all – nurse, pump, even both at the same time. They also have a secret band at the bottom that allow you to adjust the snugness of the band based on your fullness level. Pretty, convenient, and comfortable!

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Upspring milkflow drink mix, weeSpring breastfeeding giveaway
UpSpring Milkflow Breastmilk Supply Drink Mix

Milkflow is a concentrated blend of natural herbal extracts including fenugreek and blessed thistle (longtime milk stimulation go-tos for breastfeeding moms). This berry-flavored all-natural drink mix is delicious and gets the job done. The first of it’s kind, Milkflow is the easiest way to get all the herbs recommended by lactation consultants. Just add it to six to eight ounces of water, twice a day. We’re including a three month supply to give you a boost!

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Yummari superfood nuggets, weeSpring breastfeeding giveaway

Yummari Superfood Snack Bites

Portable? Check. Organic? Check. Yummy? Double check! Yummari snack bites are a powerfully healthy alternative to snacking on easy stuff from the junk food aisle. Loaded with natural goodness such as chia seeds, hemp, and delicious flavors such as Coconut and Chocolate Chip, these little bites will give you the right fuel for your power-pumping day.

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Work. Pump. Repeat. Breastfeeding Giveaway


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