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Stress-Free Feeding


Standing in a baby store aisle packed with bottles can make any expecting or new parent panic. (Yep, that’s pretty much what inspired us to create weeSpring.) And we weren’t alone…

As a new mom, Priska Diaz struggled to find the right bottle for her fussy, gassy baby — until she had a lightbulb moment. When she was nursing, there was no air vent, so why should bottles have one? She took matters into her own hands and designed Bare Air-Free Baby Bottles, which work like a syringe to dispense air-free milk, truly mimicking breastfeeding and preventing gas, acid reflux, and spit-ups. The bottle’s unique design enables the baby’s suction to control the amount of milk they take in, and the frequency of each sip. Plus, they make for a smooth transition when you want to incorporate bottles into a breastfeeding routine.

So skip the bottle bewilderment stage and head right to a happier feeding.

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