25 Adorable Photos That Prove Why Babies Need Pets

They are their first best friend and a companion for each new milestone. But Fido or Fluffy isn’t around just for cuteness–pets help little ones learn about caring for others, and – of course – how to have fun.

Creating a social and emotional bond between a child and their pet can be essential for the way they see the world around them and help to mold their personality. Also the development of a child can be accelerated by interactions with pets.

Below is a too-cute-for-words selection of 25 pictures that show the amazing bond between a child and the family pet.

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23-1 baby-dalmatian baby-doctor baby-hug-cat baby-hug-dog baby-hug-dogs baby-kiss-dog baby-kiss-dogg baby-looking-to-dog baby-playing-dog baby-sharing baby-sleeping-w-dog baby-snow-dog baby-swing baby-watching-tv-dog baby-watching-tv baby-with-bunny-ears girl-cuddling kitten little-dog-little-baby partners-in-crime small-baby-sleepign-dog tall-dog-little-baby two-cute-baby-dog under_the_door

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6 Responses

  1. Dog Names says:

    Dogs and babies are best companions!

  2. Alica says:

    Beautiful PHOTOGRAPHY combination!

  3. Thanks for the information. It’s very nice and useful. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  4. Pam Avoledo says:

    The little with the stethoscope is so cute. The dog’s expression is funny: “Again? We did this yesterday!”

  5. I have also a baby and he loves his dog <3 thanks for sharing these lovely pics

  6. Mandy says:

    If that St. Bernard returns the kiss, the baby is going to need a bath and a dry outfit. Totally worth it, of course.

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