Must-Have Pregnancy Products by Trimester

From happiness to anxiety, moms-to-be feel a rush of emotions when they find out they’re pregnant. Between juggling doctor’s appointments, shopping for maternity clothes, and learning what you can and cannot eat, there are tons of lifestyle changes and decisions to be made. De-stress and pamper yourself throughout your pregnancy with these products.

First Trimester:

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De-stress and pamper yourself throughout your pregnancy with these products.

Journal: Jot down doctor appointments, notes about how you feel, your food and drink intake, your workouts, and other pregnancy details to stay organized, healthy, and happy!

Nausea Lozenges: Enjoy naturally flavored throat drops to get relief of dry mouth and morning sickness during pregnancy. You might even want to take some to the hospital on labor-day.

Body Butter: The use of an organic lotion will help moisturize dry, itchy, stretching skin and help prevent stretch marks.

Second Trimester:


Belly Band: A belly band allows you to wear your regular pants well into the pregnancy, without having to buy tons of new maternity bottoms.

Bath Soak: From back pain to heartburn, the weight gain may start to take a toll on your body. A nice bath soak might be just what you to need for relaxation.

Water Bottle: Staying hydrated might help ease some pregnancy symptoms and will also help with your digestion, energy level, and general well being.

Third Trimester:


Socks: A pair of comfy, warm socks for your tired toes will be just what you need when you get home from a long day (especially a pair with grips on the bottom for safety on wood floors). Bring them to the hospital and wear them to keep comfortable in bed, or walking the halls to get things moving during labor.

Tea: Drinking a third trimester tea that’s caffeine-free is a great way for mom-to-be to intake plenty of vitamins and mineral packed herbs including Red Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile, and Rosehips.

Leg and Foot Gel: A soothing foot cream can really help eliminate pain and discomfort in your legs and feet when your bump is at its biggest.

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Guest blogger Michelle Levine is the owner of Baby Bump Bundle, a company that creates care packages for mom-to-be, baby, and nursing moms.  Follow the Baby Bump Bundle Blog for tips, fitness ideas, mocktail recipes, maternity fashion finds, and more of the best pregnancy products.

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