Big Qs: What are dads’ top 3 products?

From story time to bath time, diaper changes to neighborhood strolls, dads depend on a few essentials to keep their kids happy, clean and entertained. So what products help baby and daddy make it through the day without too many tears (from either)? We rounded up the top three favorites from our families. Check out the gear our guys swear by and be sure to take this quick survey or encourage the best dads you know to share theirs. (We have weeSpring t-shirts for the dads whose lists are picked too!)  

Fred’s List:


1. Bellini Extra Wide Changing Table: This is great for twins because you can change them any way. When they start moving a lot, diaper changing is much less nerve wracking.

2. BABYBJORN Baby Carrier: It’s very breathable (and I sweat a lot) so this is great. The girls love this on walks, especially being able to face out.

3. green sprouts Stacking Cup Set: These entertain them all day, are easy to take anywhere, and are good for the bath too.

Dominic’s List:

1. Kirkland Premium Baby Wipes: Good value, and you need a lot of butt wipes.

2. Medela Quick Clean Micro Steam Bags: These are really great for cleaning all the bottle parts especially when mom is tired and dad is on duty!

3. A large changing table: Great for older kids, and you can change the kid vertically or horizontally.  

Jack’s List:


1. Nosefrida: We once drove 100 miles to get a Nosefrida because we forgot ours when we were on vacation, and the baby got a cold. That’s the best product endorsement I can make.

2. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle: These transition from bottles to sippy cups. As a sippy, it isn’t 100% leakproof, but you don’t have to deal with any internal rubber pieces. 

3. FreeHand Mei Tei Baby Carrier: This was perfect when our son was really young and too small for the Ergo. I just wish it was a little more masculine. 

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