Breastfeeding Products That Make Nursing Easier

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You’ve got the pump, the nursing pillow, and sterilized every bottle in sight.  You’ve researched nearby lactation consultants, learned the lingo, and are ready to tackle this thing called breastfeeding head on.  But despite the fact that (supposedly) evolution has prepared women to nurse, getting the hang of breastfeeding can take time (even with the round-the-clock availability of “expert” information on the internet).

weeSpring users agree that products that make your life more comfortable and convenient are key, and finding items that work best for you and your needs will help breastfeeding become easier over time.  Below are some top-rated, slightly lesser-known items to help you find your nursing groove.

Products that makes nursing easier.
Products that makes nursing easier.

Motherlove Herbal Nipple Cream: A 100% certified organic solution for the far-too-common issue of nipples that are sore and cracked from breastfeeding. Many weeSpring moms prefer this super soft herbal salve to other thicker creams and love that it does triple duty as a cream for chapped skin and diaper rash, too.

Simple-Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra: Any baby-related task that can be adequately labeled “hands-free” should be given a Nobel Prize. This is a must-have for any breastfeeding mama—it’s comfortable, adjustable, and allows moms to effectively multi-task while pumping. As one weeSpring user said, “Try holding your boobs for 15 minutes if you’re thinking about skipping this.”

MilkMakers Lactation Cookies:  Nursing works on the principles of supply and demand: your wee one demands to be fed and your milk supply responds accordingly–in theory.  For those who want or need to increase their supply, these cookies are the tastiest way to do so.  With all natural and organic ingredients like oats and flax seed, coupled with chocolate chips or raisins, moms happily indulge in a cookie or two a day and reap the benefits of a boost in supply. Plus, they’re baked fresh and delivered right to your door!

MilkscreenNow moms don’t have to “pump and dump” every time they indulge in a glass (or two) of wine with dinner.  These handy little test pads will let you know in as little as two minutes if your breast milk has any alcohol in it, eliminating the “is it or isn’t it safe” guessing game for moms.  weeSpring moms appreciate the peace of mind these little strips can provide!

Bamboobies Nursing Pads: Unfortunately, leakage is an all-too-common issue amongst nursing mothers. Luckily, Bamboobies ultra-soft nursing pads are made with a unique milk-proof backing that stops leaks.  And their heart-shaped design makes them less visible through your shirt. weeSpring mamas love them for their eco-friendlieness (they’re washable!) and the fact that they don’t “try to rip your boobs off like the disposable ones when dried.”

16 Minute ClubDesigned to help moms overcome breastfeeding obstacles, this monthly box is filled with a collection of products designed to support nursing goals and help provide info about the ever-changing baby developmental milestones. weeSpring moms rave about the full-sized items and discount codes and love the support, advice, and education provided by the 16 Minute Club team.

Anna Naturals Nursing Mama Tea:  Fenugreek is a popular, natural option to increase a mom’s milk supply, with many folks choosing to consume it via a hot tea.  Trouble is, many nursing moms report that fenugreek tea tastes, well, less than tasty.  Thanks to Anna Naturals, their Nursing Mama Tea combines organic fenugreek seeds, rooibos (a caffeine-free tea), and fruit to create a tea that not only tastes and smells great, but also helps to increase milk production.  As one weeSpring user writes, “Worked well on my supply, probably because I actually drank it since it tasted so good!”

Naked Nursing Tank:  Unless you plan on staying within the comfort of your own home to nurse, chances are you’ll need to feed your wee one on the go.  This mom-designed top turns any shirt into a nursing shirt and even has an extra-long length to provide awesome midsection coverage.  Pair it with your favorite nursing bra and be on your way.

B-Warmer Nursing HoodieMeet the nursing shirt equivalent of the yoga pant.  A super comfy sweatshirt with a lightly fleece-lined top-half and a cooler, organic cotton bottom-half, perfect for breastfeeding or pregnancy.  Buy one in every color so you can pair them with your favorite pants–yoga or not.

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  1. Claire says:

    Have you heard of the Milkies Milk-Saver? It helped me a lot, especially during the first 6 weeks when I couldn’t pump and had oversupply – I used it to collect milk and then had enough that I could run to dinner with the girls or out for some errands without being worried my husband wouldn’t have any milk if baby girl decided she was hungry!

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