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Back in May, we sent a survey to everybody we know who has a baby, asking them what three baby products they recommend most often to their friends — and encouraging them to forward it on to their friends.

Turns out, that’s the new parent equivalent of “What three historical figures do you want to have dinner with?”  Or “What three things would you bring with you to a desert island?”  Everybody has a thoughtful answer, and they’re ready to chime in with it.

We heard back from more than 500 people, and the results ran the gamut.  But there were some standouts.  Velcro swaddles of some kind (SwaddleMe, Miracle blanket, etc.) and baby carriers were the most frequently cited items; the Ergo slightly edged out the Bjorn, and about a third of the responses were another brand or type.  Aden & Anais blankets were also hugely popular, and for strollers, UPPAbaby beat out the competition by a long shot.

In our own house, we’re now the proud owners of a Wubbanub and Triple Paste, two things we’d never heard of before but saw so frequently on people’s favorites that we wanted to give them a try.

The responses we received provided the initial product list for weeSpring… given the zillions of products out there, we wanted to make sure that everything you find on our site has been weighed in on by someone in our community.  So if you notice one of your favorites is missing, just let us know!  We’ll add it right away.  There’s a “suggest a product” button on every category and product page.

So now, we put the question out there again… what are YOUR three favorite things?  Tweet us or share them to our Facebook page…

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