Guest Blog: Family Photo Shoot Tips

Now that I’ve let you guys in on the madness of my holiday family photo shoot, I’d like to share with you what a typical professional shoot is really about … one with a cooperative family, anyhow. I recently had the pleasure of photographing a wonderful family. Angie, the mom, also happens to work at weeSpring. If only my job could be this easy every day.

I met them in central park – perfect location, perfect weather. Angie is stunning. Her husband Charlie, adorable. And their baby Jonah, just DELICIOUS. They were all nice as could be to boot. Sidenote: Charlie shares a name and birthday with my daughter, so nothing could go wrong.





Here are some fail proof tips on how to achieve images like these from your family photo shoot:

1. Dress in solid bright clothing, nothing with crazy patterns which distract. Children are beautiful. They don’t need to be over styled. One great, bright piece goes miles (especially on kids).

2. Bring three to four simple bright clothing options for variety. In this case, we did some shots with coats and some without. It was cold and not ideal for outfit changes.

3. Pick a background that is clean but has depth, like a green lawn with trees in the back ground. Watch for people in the back ground as you are snapping.

4. Avoid bright sun and spotty light. The best light is shade on a bright day. Make sure everyone in the frame is in the same lighting conditions. You don’t want two people in the sun and one in the shade – ever,

5. Be natural and playful. Don’t just stare at the camera smiling. That’s weird. I love bringing out my clients’ personalities. I do not love the idea of the perfect photo, I love the perfect moment. It’s in these moments we truly represent ourselves. Get lost, have fun and your happiness will come out in your photo.

6. Think about the frame. If you picked out a vertical design to create a card, be sure to shoot a vertical photo. Make sure the background leaves room for type with out obstructing any faces.

7. Have fun! Have fun! Have fun! It’s just a picture. Be yourself.

8. As I mentioned in my last post – come armed with bribes… snacks, toys, whatever it takes.

If you follow these simple guide lines you are sure to succeed.

Lara Levine is an all-around pro: she’s served as a contributing photo editor at Town & Country, Oprah, and Real Simple, and most recently, she ran the photography department at Baby Talk, First Months, and Mom-to-Be.  But she’s also honed her baby-photographing chops as a mom of three. You can see more of her work at

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