Holiday Gift Guide — Grandparents


Tovala, a smart steam oven, makes it easier than ever to get delicious dinner on the table—no prep, cooking, or cleanup. You can either pair this sleek appliance with Tovala’s fresh meal delivery service or cook that certain famous recipe of yours. The oven works its magic to steam, bake, and broil your meal perfectly while you have time to Google things like “sleep regressions” or fold (endless) laundry.


Traveling to see extended family? Hosting extended family? We feel you. Luckily, you can pack light(er), thanks to Babyquip, a baby gear rental service in hundreds of cities throughout the US and Canada. Simply visit their site to look up your destination, connect with one of their local Trusted Partners, and they’ll deliver, set up, and pick up clean, quality gear—everything from full-size cribs to strollers, toys to car seats, and more.


After a long day, sometimes you just need to wind down with a nice glass of wine. But most nights don’t call for cracking open a whole bottle. Enter Vinebox, a genius subscription service that delivers a curated selection of single servings of wine to your doorstep each month. And when one finds a glass they like, Vinebox makes it easy to locate (and order) a regular-sized bottle.

Minted’s design marketplace is one of our go-tos for holiday cards and birth announcements, but we’re also just *mildly* obsessed with their curated art and home decor collections. From framed prints to table linens to cushions and more, Minted has something to please even the most discerning eye. (We are suckers for their photo calendars!)


father and baby son laying on the floor listen to lullabuddy

This small, portable music player was created by an award-winning singer and grandma after she saw how music soothed her own grandkids. Pre-loaded with two hours of her beautiful lullabies and love songs, lullabuddy makes the most stressful, spit-uppy moments feel a bit more blissful. Although it functions like a traditional music box, the bluetooth connection enables you to add more tunes (and the speaker’s sound quality is top-notch).  It’s great to use even when not near the little ones!


Julie’s Beet was created to bring fine artisanal products from around the world before a larger audience. They’re constantly searching near and far to find hidden food gems, and their selection features products that are made by people who are truly passionate about what they create. Create a custom gift with unique items or choose from a carefully curated set.



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