weeLove: Soothe and Calm with Lullabuddy

Go to sleeeeep, go to sleeeeep…

A Perfectly Portable Music Player

What’s better than a BFF? A lullabuddy. (Especially if you’re a new parent). This small, portable music player was created by an award-winning singer and grandma after she saw how music soothed her own grandkids. Pre-loaded with two hours of her beautiful lullabies and love songs, lullabuddy makes the most stressful, spit-uppy moments feel a bit more blissful.

Music plays at the touch of a button, which comes in handy when you only have one free hand and a crying baby. Although it functions like a traditional music box, the bluetooth connection enables you to add more tunes as your kiddo grows. While it’s tiny enough to toss in your diaper bag, the speaker’s sound quality is top-notch.

Another reason to love lullabuddy: they donate units to children’s hospitals for use in their NICUs and PICUs (so families hear calming music instead of just beeping and medical equipment noises).

From car rides to snuggles in the nursery, lullabuddy helps transform any scenario into a sweet, soothing moment. Don’t be surprised if you play it when you aren’t with your baby!


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