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a young Black boy sits on a grey chair with comfy cushions, listening to his Yoto audio player with headphones

weeLove: An Audio Platform Built for Kids

How about a round of applause…  For the Yoto Player Trying to scale back on screen time? There’s a new device on the scene (just in time for the holidays!) that delivers everything you want, and nothing you don’t. Yoto is a screen-free speaker that’s controlled by physical cards kids easily...

father and baby son laying on the floor listen to lullabuddy

weeLove: Soothe and Calm with Lullabuddy

Go to sleeeeep, go to sleeeeep… A Perfectly Portable Music Player What’s better than a BFF? A lullabuddy. (Especially¬†if you’re a new parent). This small, portable music player was created by an award-winning singer and grandma after she saw how music soothed her own grandkids. Pre-loaded with two hours of...