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a young Black boy sits on a grey chair with comfy cushions, listening to his Yoto audio player with headphones

How about a round of applause… 

For the Yoto Player

Trying to scale back on screen time? There’s a new device on the scene (just in time for the holidays!) that delivers everything you want, and nothing you don’t.

Yoto is a screen-free speaker that’s controlled by physical cards kids easily insert and remove. Cards launch stories, podcasts, music, and sound effects… sparking imagination, creativity, and pure joy. Two big buttons allow kids to change the chapter, rewind, and adjust the volume. There are no screens, cameras, ads, or microphones to contend with… making electronic use safe and simple.

Cards need to be purchased separately, but there’s great free content (a Yoto podcast and radio) shared daily. Explore the ever-growing library by age and content type—you can choose from Yoto Originals, beloved classic books like “Fantastic Mr. Fox” or “The Wind in the Willows”, curated collections, and even guided meditation. Parents can use the app to manage settings and play music from your own collection. 

A feature we really love is being able to make cards from voice recordings or Mp3s. (Grandparents telling a bedtime story? Yes please!) The Yoto also transforms into a customizable nightlight and plays sleep sounds to help your little one drift off to dreamland. 

Screens are everywhere (and sometimes totally necessary!), but thanks to Yoto, your kids just may forget about them for a good long awhile… 

Psst! The Yoto App is also free to download and use, even without a player! It includes stories, podcasts, music and even a Sleep Sounds sections with a sleep radio station, ambient noise and relaxing soundscapes.

Download for iOs/Apple
Download for Android/Google Play

a vertical split screen of pictures of children listening to their yoto audio players with the caption reading "a world of stories and music at their fingertips"


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