weeLove: It’s Getting Hot in Here

Chill Out with Coolibrium

Cooling Apparel for Women

Do you run hot? (Perhaps we all do right now… parenting through a pandemic is enough to make anyone sweat!) Women of all ages are no stranger to hot flashes, night sweats, and temperature changes. Fatigue, stress, and hormonal fluctuations from pregnancy to breastfeeding to menopause are just some of the culprits. Whatever the cause, being uncomfortable and overheated is not the vibe we’re going for… 

Enter, Coolibrium, an awesome new apparel collection featuring advanced thermoreg technology. The breathable, antimicrobial fabric helps regulate your body temperature by releasing heat quickly and wicking away sweat. Designed by women, Coolibrium clothing prevents major fluctuations in body temperature and neutralizes odors, so you’ll always feel just right.

Their everyday essentials include tops, bottoms, and sleepwear pieces that are great for layering, lounging, or working out (we are particularly excited about the tank and joggers), and they even recently released a new cooling face mask—a perfect stocking stuffer! Those with a discerning eye will also love that the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) Design Store has also taken notice— they recently featured Coolibrium in its Design Innovations for Women curation.

Moms may not always be chill (thanks, toddlers!), but Coolibrium can certainly keep us cool. 

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