weeLove: Mad about MUTable

A toddler girl sits at the Mutable table with another toddler boy, both are coloring, while drawn illustrations show the different table tops and accessoriesSay Ciao to Mutable

More Than the Typical Play Table

From squishing playdough to building cities out of Legos, kids love having their very own spot to hang out and create. (And parents love when this messy magic happens away from the kitchen table.)

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect play table, say ciao to MUtable. Designed in Italy and made of high quality wood, this adjustable table is great for children ages 1-8. Available in five colors, it comes with seven built-in games on four stackable “playboards.” Kiddos will be eager to doodle on the whiteboard/blackboard, build towers of Legos on the “brick base,” play pretend on the city landscape, and piece together a fun wooden puzzle. There are tons of add-ons you can purchase separately, like cardboard and wooden playhouses (think: open 360 degree homes for dolls and superheroes) as well as more cardboard games and puzzles that teach geography and history.

While MUtable is on the pricey side, the quality + longevity + customization options make it a must-have your kiddos will use and love for years. And be on the lookout for new additions that combine physical play with technology … coming soon!



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