weeLove: For little people with big feelings

a parent hugs their child on a bed next to a slumberkins book and cuddle buddy, a moth named Sprite


Cuddly creatures that teach important life skills

Parenting gives you the gift of a constant sidekick (who rarely lets you to go to the bathroom alone). But when it comes to raising resilient, caring kiddos—strong bonds are a really good thing. Slumberkins are cuddly creatures that help families strengthen these positive attachments by giving kiddos the tools to learn important emotional and social skills.

Slumberkins was founded by two educator moms when they were on maternity leave together (#squadgoals). Each plush pal pairs with a board book, featuring a sweet story and actionable techniques to help little ones understand big feelings, make sense of their world, and build emotional wellbeing. From stress relief to self-esteem, gratitude to family changes, there’s an adorable Slumberkin that’s just right for every kid. (Plus, bedtime is never complete without a soft, soothing stuffed animal.)

Thanks to Slumberkins, comfort and support has never been so cute.



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