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Buckle Me Coats 

The Secret to Bundling Up Safely

A common conundrum for parents: getting their kiddos into winter gear, only to have to remove it before buckling them into the car seat. If you’re new to these winter coat woes—bulky jackets + car seats = a dangerous combo. The added thick layer may cause the harness to be too loose, reducing its effectiveness in a crash.

Now there’s a simple way to keep your child safe and warm throughout the cold weather months… that doesn’t involve taking off a cozy winter coat. Buckle Me Coats are designed with a front panel that unzips to open at the side and shoulder seams, allowing the harness to tighten correctly against your child’s chest/shoulder area. Designed by a mom of three who was tired of dragging blankets through the slush (or wrangling kiddos into ponchos they didn’t want to wear), she did the next-best thing to ensure her children were warm—and safe—in the car; she invented her own.

This award-winning, crash-tested, CPST (Child Passenger Safety Tech)-approved coat is also thinner in the back, ensuring that there’s no excess fabric getting in the way of a properly adjusted harness. (Don’t worry—the insulation is just as warm as the front!). Another smart feature: the sleeves are a bit long, so your child will get a couple seasons of use out of their favorite coat (woot-woot). Available in sizes from 6 months to 10 years, you can easily find a coat to fit every kiddo in your family.

Thanks to Buckle Me Coats… you just may increase your chances of getting places on time this winter.



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