weeLove: The Booster That Fits in Your Bag

picture of the compact mifold booster fitting in a purse

Mifold is Tiny and Mighty


It’s a milestone for parents when little ones grow out of large, bulky car seats. (No one misses cleaning out the black hole of cracker crumbs.) When your big kid is ready for a big kid seat, there’s a new booster on the scene… and it’s small enough to fit in your bag.

Mifold is a compact, portable child car safety seat that’s more than 10x smaller than the typical booster seat. Made with super durable plastic polymers and aircraft grade aluminum, it’s designed to protect kiddos from age 4-12. While traditional boosters raise kids higher up (to the positioning of a grown-up), mifold meets the highest regulatory safety standards to hold the seatbelt down where your child naturally sits. Bonus: it’s so easy to keep clean, you can even pop it in the dishwasher.

At an affordable price (under 50 bucks!), there’s no need to move booster seats from car to car. Get one for grandma, bring one along when you’re traveling (we love having it in cabs and rental cars), and store an extra in your glove compartment for carpooling.

Tiny but mighty, Mifold is an on-the-go essential designed to make life simpler and safer.

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Booster Seat, Mother Strapping Child into Booster Seat in Car, Booster Seat Being Put into a Purse

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