weeLove: Democracy—Don’t Forget to Vote!


Show Up to Vote!

Your voice matters

We interrupt our regularly scheduled weeLove to bring you an important message—the election is here and we need you to get out and vote.

Voting, the cornerstone of democracy, allows all those eligible to make a choice for how they want their lives, their families’ lives, and those of their neighbors and friends to be moving forward. It is a tremendous privilege and an amazing right. And November 3 is the day you get to make your voice heard.

Voting by mail?

  • The USPS recommends you send you ballot back TODAY (Tuesday, October 27) to ensure enough time to be received. If you are nervous about it arriving on time, drop your ballot off in person. Text BALLOT to 21333 to find where you can drop it off.

Know Before You Go!

  • Be prepared to wait in line. Wear your mask, bring hand sanitizer and/or wipes, a water bottle, and snacks.
  • Not sure where your polling place is? Check here.
  • Need to double-check what your voter ID requirements are? Check here.
  • Want to know more about what will actually be on your ballot?  Check here.
  • Need help getting to the polls? Lyft is offering voters discounted rides to your nearest polling place using the code 2020VOTE.
  • In a long line? Folks getting hungry? Call in the location (if you’re in line, or even if you see one) to Pizza to the Polls. They’re bringing free food to polling places with long lines.

Curious About Bringing Your Little Ones With You to Vote?

  • Kids are legally allowed at every polling place (but some may have restrictions on how many you can bring in the booth with you).
  • It’s a good opportunity to teach older kids about civic responsibility. (Our friends The Little Feminist Book Club has a great list of books about democracy and voting too!)
  • Practically speaking, you may find wearing your baby easier than trying to navigate a stroller (those voting booths are tiny!).

What to Do If You Run Into Issues at the Polls…

  • If you are encountering problems voting, like polls closing early—even if you were in line before closing time—not having enough ballots, or feeling pressured to vote for a particular candidate, ask to speak with a poll worker, and call Common Cause at 866-OUR-VOTE. (You can also text “election protection” to 97779 for assistance.)
  • Check your ballot before submitting and/or leaving you polling place to ensure there aren’t any errors. If there is an error with the votes on your ballot, ask a poll worker for help. They’ll give you a new ballot and the old one will be destroyed.
  • If you’re registered to vote and are for some reason turned away at the polls, these are the magic words: “Give me a provisional ballot with a receipt as required by law when requested.” This will enable you to still vote and follow-up to ensure that your vote was counted.

So grab your friends (because voting with others is always fun!), make a plan, and VOTE on November 5! Be sure to tag #weelovedemocracy in your pics with your “I voted!” stickers—we’ll be sharing them on social throughout the day.

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