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Treat Diaper Rash Fast


Between days at the park and hot, sweaty stroller rides… babies transform into busy balls of heat in the summer. All that action combined with humid temps can make your little one more prone to diaper rash. But it doesn’t have to get in the way of a great day in the great outdoors…
Treat, soothe and prevent an uncomfortable case of diaper rash with Dr. Smith’s. Parents have been swearing by the classic ointment for decades, and the touch-free spray is the newest obsession. Developed by a pediatrician, Dr. Smith’s diaper rash products are easy to apply, gentle, and safe. They won’t stain your kiddo’s clothes and have a mild, pleasant scent.
Whether you’re in the nursery or out on the town, when baby can’t take the heat… get out the Dr. Smith’s.

This post was sponsored by Dr. Smith’s.



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  1. BahtYafa says:

    Is this diaper rash cream safe to use with cloth diapers without ruining them?

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