weeLove: The Modern Mom’s Way to Freshen Up

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When you’re a new mom, a shower isn’t always in the cards (and you’d pick extra sleep over soap any day). Well, here’s a quick fix for freshening up when you smell like spit-up and need to run errands or hang out with other grownups.

Tubby Todd’s Freshening Spray is a must-have for any stage of motherhood that involves lugging gear and chasing little ones around the park. And if you’re pregnant, consider it a purse essential for those oh-so-fun hormonal hot flashes. Made with 100% natural plant-based ingredients, it works as a deodorizer that purifies and neutralizes body odors, while leaving a lovely hint of vanilla and aloe. Spritz from head to toe for a pick-me-up anywhere you are, and you’re good to go.

Created by a mom who wanted a better solution for her kiddos with sensitive skin, the entire Tubby Todd line gently nourishes, hydrates and soothes everyone in the family (even newborns). Products are toxin-, gluten-, paraben-, sulfate-, artificial fragrance- and color-, and BPA-free.

A few spritzes of Freshening Spray is like being in a spa…until someone interrupts your daydream to demand crackers.

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