weeLove: The No Fuss Way to Get Your Fenugreek 


Nursing Tea in an Instant 


K-cups are a dream come true for busy, new parents. And if you’re a nursing mama, they’re about to get even better…

Anna Naturals just launched Nursing Mama Herbal Tea K-cups, designed to help breastfeeding women give their milk supply a natural boost. A nursing tea made with organic fenugreek (used for centuries for its lactation-enhancing rep), organic rooibos, organic hibiscus, organic orange, and organic cherry extracts, the convenience can’t be beat. Just pop a pod in your Keurig or other K-cup compatible brewer and soon you’ll be sipping on a hot cup of herbal tea with added benefits.

The taste isn’t bitter or heavy on the fennel—common complaints when it comes to lactation support teas. This tea is light, a tad sweet, and easy to enjoy as a leisurely cup of tea. (Imagine that… doing something leisurely for yourself? It’s definitely possible.) Plus, it’s a good reminder to keep pushing the fluids while nursing.

Thanks to Anna Naturals, fenugreek doesn’t have to be your frenemy anymore…


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