weeLove: The Gadget to Tame Your To-Do List

The Parent + Baby SmartBand


Do you have a never ending to-do list swirling through your mind 24/7? And sometimes your car keys are in the fridge? And you’re not sure if you’ve eaten anything other than a cracker in the last eight hours? And you’ve definitely washed the same load of laundry more than once because you keep forgetting about it? Welcome to parenthood. From juggling appointments to tracking feeding times, keeping tabs on our “mental load” is almost as exhausting as 3am wake-ups.

Here’s a simple way to organize life, for your baby and yourself. The Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand is a wearable device, designed for expecting and new parents. This water resistant, touchscreen SmartBand helps you manage everything you’ve got going on, freeing up much needed energy. Pregnant? Track fetal movements, supplements, exercise, and doctor’s appointments. New parent? Log your baby’s weight and set reminders for diaper changes, nap times, pumping, feedings, and pediatrician appointments. 

We especially love that it tracks things other than baby-related data, so you’ll be able to use this well beyond the infant stage. Keep tabs on your own health and wellbeing by logging steps, distance, water intake, workouts, calories and weight. Currently, you can only track one child at a time (but they’re hopefully updating that functionality for more kiddos on version 2.0).

The SmartBand is like having a personal assistant. And what new parent would say no to that?

Love it? Buy it!
Woman changing baby wearing smartband. Pregnant woman wearing smartband.
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