weeLove: Not Your Ordinary Couch

Two toddlers play on a magenta nugget couch that they have arranged on the floor of their living room like a pirate ship.

The Nugget

A Perfect Place for Play

Despite having a playroom full of toys, all your kiddo wants to do is jump on the couch, #amiright? (Today it’s a pirate ship “decorated” with goldfish crackers.) Give the grown-up couch a much needed break with the The Nugget. Part-furniture, part-toy, and completely awesome… this configurable play couch will be your kids’ favorite spot to let their imaginations run wild.

Made in the USA with high-quality materials, The Nugget couch is simply four foam pieces: a sturdy base, soft cushion, and two triangle-shaped pillows. Little ones have a blast arranging the pieces however they’d like. From forts to tents, slides to reading nooks, the possibilities for playtime and chill time are endless. While it’s just right for kids, there’s still plenty of room for you to cuddle up for a story or get it on the action.

The Nugget ships directly to your door, tightly compressed and wrapped in a box. Just open it and watch the pieces pop into their form. And since messes do happen, the durable microsuede cover is super easy to clean. Spot clean small spills or machine wash.

Thanks to The Nugget, there are infinite ways for your resident superhero, astronaut, artist, or acrobat to explore the great indoors.


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  1. Ellie says:

    We couldn’t get a nugget ( and then later didn’t want one because not waterproof) but we ordered a Barumba and are so excited to finally have a play couch!

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