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Hatch Baby Rest Nightlight on a Table

Rest Easy

A Smarter Nursery with Hatch Baby

Need a little more sleep? YES, of course you do! Well, here’s a new nursery essential that’ll make those dreams of better shut-eye (for everyone in the house!) come true.

Hatch Baby Rest is a sound machine, nightlight, with an Ok-to-Wake customizable option combined in one sleek, easy-to-use device. All of these thoughtfully designed features can be controlled from an app on your phone. So, there’s no need to tiptoe (or army crawl) across your little one’s room like you’re about to set off a landmine.

Use the app to customize the color and intensity of the nightlight (the hues are so soft and soothing!) and change sounds and volume level (the sound quality is top-notch!). Rest also helps create healthy routines—preset the night light to turn on to signal bedtime or change colors in the morning so your toddler knows when it’s officially okay to ask you for pancakes. And no need to nurse in the dark, simply tap the top of the device to turn on the nightlight so you can see what you’re doing.

So much more than the typical night light or sound machine, Hatch Rest will last well beyond the baby phase. Thanks to the innovative features and awesome selection of coverlets, we have a hunch you’ll want one in your room, too.

Love it? Buy it.

Hatch Baby Rest Nightlight with Toys


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  1. Sarah Travis says:

    Oh I need this!!! I was trying to find one that was a humidifier also but I think I will try this!

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