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Little Mother’s Helper 

Your Postpartum Pal

Exhaustion. Crying during a commercial for cereal. Sore everything. Sound familiar?

It’s no newsflash—having a baby is a big freakin’ deal. When your body and mind feel totally turned upside down, it’s hard to navigate the “new normal.” (It’s also hard to navigate your car when you’ve put the keys in the fridge. #mombrain) Little Mother’s Helper, an interactive app (it’s iOS and Android compatible) or a cool deck of cards, guides new moms through the ups and downs after childbirth in four major areas—body, mind, heart, and soul.

Packed full of evidence–based information from a host of experts in midwifery, obstetrics, mental health, meditation, and women’s health physical therapy (just to name a few), Little Mother’s Helper provides simple and practical answers about postpartum health and wellness in the days, weeks, and months after childbirth (Because who has the time (or energy) for anxiety-producing Google searches?)

The tips are fun to read, insightful, and most importantly—actionable. Whether you’re struggling with the baby blues, need strategies to combat stress, or just want to know if your boobs look normal… there’s support for every facet of your new-mom life. We absolutely love the app for its convenience factor (think marathon nursing sessions or middle-of-the-night crib parties), the deck of cards is our new favorite add-on to a baby shower gift.

Little Mother’s Helper will be your new BFF. Just don’t forget to text back your real one, too.


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