weeLove: This Genius Gadget Tracks Contractions in Real Time

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A Smart Pregnancy Wearable

The Bloomlife Contraction Tracker

Once the third trimester rolls around, most expecting moms go into high-alert mode, thinking every day is the day. Your thoughts are a spiral of worries and questions, and every twinge feels like a contraction. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what you’re feeling (or not feeling) from the couch rather than hightailing it to the hospital just to be sent home hours later?

Get peace of mind and accurate intel on your body from Bloomlife. This comfy and 100% safe wearable device tracks contractions in real time. Simply snap the sensor onto the reusable patch, then apply it below your belly button where it will non-invasively measure the electrical activity of the uterine muscle. Sync it up with the app to start recording the frequency and duration of contractions. You’ll get the full picture of your body’s patterns, and how they may be changing.

Sounds really cool, right? And what’s even cooler is that Bloomlife is a rental to use only when you really need it. The setup fee is $56.99 with a $24 weekly fee, so you can just send it back whenever you’re done.

Whether you have a high-risk pregnancy or are a nervous first (or second or third) time mom, Bloomlife makes any pregnancy journey feel a little bit smoother.

Love it? Buy it.

Pregnant woman using Bloomlife monitor and mom with newborn


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