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Friends out on the town, using Komae Babysitting Swap

Babysitting Swaps 

Trusted Care from Komae

Komae” means village in Greek. It’s also an app that’ll score you free babysitting whenever you need it. Yep, really. No need to hand over a small fortune to your high school sitter so you can run errands without your toddler trying to climb out of the shopping cart.
Created by two moms, Komae is a babysitting exchange app for both iOS and Android that connects parents with their villages of family, friends, and neighbors to swap babysitting with each other. Your kiddo is cared for by someone you trust, they get a playdate out of the deal, and you get time to yourself – a winning trifecta. Then, you return the favor.
Here’s how it works: Invite your friends to join your village on Komae. When you need a sitter, the app allows you to ask everyone at once. They’ll make offers and you choose what works best. Rather than using cash, the app banks  “points” to keep track of points you’ve used and points you’ve earned by sitting for others. Komae is free, with the option to upgrade to a premium version ($10/month) for extra features like the ability to create and join community groups.
Typical babysitting rates can set you back big bucks. It’s time to turn to your village for low-stress, zero cost help when you need “me time” or a date-night… even if that means sleeping through an entire movie (we’re not judging).




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