Tips for Bringing Your Baby to the Doctor

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Tips for bringing your baby to the doctor.

1. Dress them in comfortable, easy to remove and re-dress clothing.

2. Bring a list of questions to ask, along with a pen to write down information.

3. For newborns, bring a blanket to wrap the baby in while waiting for the doctor if the room is chilly.

4. Bring small, easy-to-clean toys if you need to distract your baby.

5. Schedule appointments for times when your baby will be most rested.

6. Don’t worry if your baby is crying or tired-it is not a reflection of you.

7. If you have other children you are bringing along, make sure they have a book or game to distract them so they don’t have to be your focus.

8. Don’t forget extra diapers, wipes and change of clothes.

9. Have your insurance card and method of payment in an easy, accessible place.

10. Ask how long you are booking with the doctor, so that you do not feel rushed if the doctor appears in a hurry.

11. Choose a doctor that you feel comfortable with, that is supportive of you as a mom. Re-book with a doctor if they made you feel comfortable during the visit, and you thought they were knowledgeable.

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