Holidazed #24: Mom’s One Line a Day

for new parents I $15

Parents always have grand plans of chronicling every detail of life with a new baby. But when days are packed with diaper changes, feedings, laundry, and sneaking in some DVR catch-up time, the baby journal easily gets overlooked. Thanks to Mom’s One Line a Day Memory Book, it’s super simple to write a one-liner to document that day. (11/24/13: So many toys, and all you want to do is play with TV remote. 11/25/13: First time eating pureed peas. Still trying to get them out of your hair….) This handy little diary covers a five year span, so it’s cool to compare notes as your kiddo grows.

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Jessica Solloway

Mom to a 1-year old, Itsy Bitsy Spider re-enactor, weeSpring editor.

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