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Candice Richards is the founder of Lulibox. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their 13-month old daughter—and she’s expecting her second in April. You can see more of her favorites on


When I was expecting my daughter Ava, I was working fifty hours a week in finance — and I just didn’t have time to research, go out and buy, and schlep home all the stuff I would need for my baby.  Asking my mom what I needed for the first week was pointless: everything has changed in the 30 years since she had me, not just on products but on safety.

I searched high and low for a no frills box that would package everything I needed for the first week — and when I couldn’t find it, I just didn’t buy anything.

So the day Ava was born, my husband Joe went to Buy Buy Baby and literally spent $600 on a billion things we would never use. And as soon as he got home, our baby nurse washed everything — so I couldn’t even make returns if I didn’t need or use the product. It was a disaster. We wound up with a zillion onesies I was terrified to use, and I thought I’d break her if I had to pull a onesie over her head. I realized pretty fast that all I wanted was the side-snap t-shirts that they use in the hospital.

So Joe went back and spent another $400 on the things I did need.  And I realized that $1,000 for the basics—not even including the big stuff, like a crib, stroller, or carseat—was crazy. 

That’s how Lulibox was born.  I made a list of the absolute essentials: not the frilly outfits and beautiful blankets, but the things that you’re not getting at your baby shower, like diapers and wipes.  And Lulibox packages in a way that makes it a beautiful and practical gift.  It includes some of my personal favorites, like Dr. Brown’s bottles, which helped us avoid even a day of gas with Ava. 

We don’t include it in the Lulibox, because it is more of a small splurge, but I tell all my friends to get a wipes warmer.  Have you ever felt how cold a wipe is? Freezing!  And I also point all my friends toward Little Noses Saline Spray and Boogie Wipes

But mostly, I tell my friends to follow their instincts about how to be a great parent – but trust the product advice they’re getting from their friends.  Using weeSpring has already changed my mind on the high chair I want, and I can’t wait to see what other recommendations my friends have.

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