It’s footmuff season!

We don’t know about you, but we have a lot of wistful fantasy moments, wherein we imagine how awesome life would be as a baby.   They usually involve sleeping.

Baby puts his head down on his highchair tray during dinner and goes to sleep?   I wish I could sleep whenever I wanted.

Baby drooling over the side of her Jumperoo, zonked out and face down?  Wouldn’t it be great if I could sleep… wherever?

The footmuff, though, might be our favorite perk of being a baby, particularly since we’re city slickers.  Our stroller goes everywhere, it hauls everything, and it feels like our son spends half of his waking hours in it.  And a lot of his sleeping hours too.

And we’d kind of love to have our own portable sleeping bag to wear when it’s 20 degrees, and we have to go to the grocery store.  (Ankle-length down coats just aren’t the same.)

All kidding aside though, they’re an amazingly convenient way to bundle your baby, without having to wrestle with snowsuits and puffy baby warmers.  We just got the one that matches our stroller, but there are tons of options:

When weeSpring launches, you’ll be able to find out which footmuffs your friends love, but in the meantime, here are some of our friends’ favorites:

JJ Cole Bundleme (This is probably the one we hear about the most…)

7AM Enfant

UPPABaby Babyganoosh

Bugaboo Universal Footmuff

Maclaren Universal Footmuff

Have one to add?  Email us!

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