weeLove: The Spill Stops Here

The No Knock Cup 

An “Ooops-proof” Essential from Tommee Tippee 

It happens in slow motion…a “big kid cup” gets toppled over by cute (but clumsy) little kid hands. Suddenly, that small trickle of milk turns into a gushing river down the table that you can’t get to fast enough. It drips to the floor. You do your best defeated sigh, grab the paper towels, and get to work.

Does this scenario sound all too familiar?

No Knock Cups from Tommee Tippee will save your day. This brilliant, toddler-proof cup makes mealtimes less messy, while helping tots get the hang of open cup drinking (which dentists are all about for healthy oral and speech development). The cup is designed with a lightweight suction on the bottom, preventing it from tipping over due to bumps and knocks. But don’t worry, your kiddo doesn’t need superhuman strength to release it from the table. It’s easy to lift and sip. Available in two sizes, cups come in a variety of cute designs and cheery colors.

Spaghetti sauce? Still going to be a problem.

Rogue peas? Can’t tame those guys…

But milk? Water? Juice? Liquids will stay in the cup and off the rest of your house.

PS: Share your family’s messiest mealtime mishap for a chance to win a 2,000 Target gift card.  #stopthespill details here!


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